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How to talk to just about anyone about Israel-Palestine: First Steps Toward Meaningful Dialogue

A 20-page guide to help turn apprehensive encounters into productive conversations.

Learn the difference between Dialogue and Debate and how to build trust. Explore exercises to clarify your own point of view, and open up channels for hearing someone else’s.

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Table Talks

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I spoke to Eman last fall about setting up a public space for Jewish-Muslim conversation. But we couldn’t find time in our schedules to dedicate to regular sessions… Continue Reading >>

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It’s hard to argue with a person who’s promoting free speech. But that’s what I’m about to do. In his What in the World broadcast, Liberals think they’re tolerant, but they’re not, CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria claims that students who protest at graduation ceremonies demonstrate “an attitude of self-righteousness that says we are so pure, we’re […]

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