The organizations listed below are Jewish/Israeli/Arab/Palestinian/Muslim partnerships. Each group has a unique place in the effort to create understanding.

This list is by no means complete.

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  • The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, a leading environmental and academic institution in the Middle East, prepares future leaders from Israel, Palestine, Jordan and around the world to collaboratively solve the regional and global challenges of our time.
  • Hand in Hand creates an inclusive, shared society in Israel via a network of Jewish-Arab integrated bilingual schools and organized communities—Jews and Arabs, learning and living together and inspiring broad support for social inclusion and civic equality in Israel.
  • The Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group dedicated to hearing one another’s stories, practicing compassionate listening and envisioning a shared future. Based in San Mateo, California, the group was founded in 1992.
  • Jerusalem Peacemakers is a group of interreligious peacemakers in Israel and Palestine working together to bring peace to the City of Jerusalem and the world—seeking to unite the heavenly and earthly Jerusalem.
  • Kids4Peace is a movement of Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in divided societies around the world. Kids4Peace runs international summer camps and year-round programs for Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth.
  • OneVoice is an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to prod their elected representatives toward a two-state solution.
  • Open House is a peace education center in Ramle, Israel, forging relationships between Jewish and Arab children, teens and adults. Its peacemaking approach is grounded in the Three A’s: Acknowledging harm done to others, Apologizing for that harm, and making Amends.
  • The Parents Circle – Families Forum is a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization of over 600 families, all of which have lost a close family member as a result of the prolonged conflict. The PCFF believes that reconciliation between individuals and nations is possible and that reconciliation between nations is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable peace.
  • Roots, led by an Orthodox rabbi living in the West Bank and a Palestinian activist, is based on the idea that the lack of knowing each other is the root cause of the conflict. Despite living next to each other, Israelis and Palestinians are separated by fear, of each other and of the price of peace. Without forging relationships that build trust, suspicions will suffocate any political peace agreements.
  • Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom is an organization of Jewish and Muslim women, fighting hate, negative stereotyping and prejudice. Through local chapters across the United States, women come together to get to know each other and build bridges of understanding.
  • Seeds of Peace inspires and cultivates new generations of global leaders in communities divided by conflict by equipping youth with skills and relationships needed to accelerate social, economic and political change essential for peace.
  • The Third Narrative engages with people on the left who suspect that it is wrong to lay all blame for the Arab-Israeli conflict at the feet of Israeli Jews but feel that too many Israel supporters reflexively support—or passively accept—the Israeli occupation.
  • United Religions Initiative is a support network connecting people across religions and cultures in the service of peace and justice. Based in San Francisco, California, this organization provides a forum for proactive interfaith engagement, where religious differences can be transformed from a source of division and conflict into a wellspring for positive social change. 
  • Women Wage Peace is a broad-based grassroots movement that counts among its thousands of members women from the political Right, Center, and Left, Jewish and Arab women, religious and secular women –all of us united in our demand for a political agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.