Religious Literacy Test Answers

Check your answers and tally your points.

1.  Four Gospels (1 point)

Matthew      Mark      Luke      John

2.  Hindu Sacred Texts (1 point)

Vedas        Upanishads       Bhagavad Gita       Mahabharata       Kama Sutra       Ramayana

3.  Holy Islamic Book:  Qur’an (1 point)

4.  Jesus’ Birthplace:  Bethlehem (1 point)

5.  Jericho Road:  Good Samaritan Story (1 point)

6.  Bible’s First Five Books (1 point each)

Genesis          Exodus          Leviticus          Numbers          Deuteronomy

7.  Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (1 point)

8.  “God helps those who help themselves.” Not in the Bible (2 points)

9.  “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” From the Bible, Beatitudes or Sermon on the Mount

10.  Ten Commandments Different religions list commandments differently (1 point each)

I am the Lord your God                    You shall have no other Gods before Me
Do not take God’s name in vain      Do not build graven images
Keep the Sabbath holy                      Honor mother and father
Do not kill                                            Do not commit adultery
Do not steal                                         Do not bear false witness
Do not covet thy neighbor’s wife    Do not covet thy neighbor’s goods

11. Four Noble Truths (1 point each)

Life is suffering.
Suffering has an origin.
Suffering can be overcome.
The path to overcoming suffering is the Noble Eightfold Path.

12. Seven Sacraments (1 point each)

Baptism        Communion        Confession        Confirmation        Ordination        Marriage        Unction

13. First Amendment Clauses: Establishment Clause; Free Exercise Clause (1 point each)

14. Ramadan: a sacred Islamic month during which Muslims fast (2 points)

15. Matching

Adam and Eve:  Garden of Eden (7 points)
Paul:  Road to Damascus
Moses:  Exodus and Parting of the Red Sea
Noah:  Olive Branch
Jesus:  Road to Damascus, Garden of Gethsemane
Abraham:  Binding of Isaac
Serpent:  Garden of Eden

Scoring: Add up points and multiply by two

A is 90 points or higher
B is 80-89
C is 70-79
A passing grade is 60 points or more